Serch Ruins of sri Lanka

Saturday, October 30, 2010



Sri Lanka has a long history. During that history up to 1815 this country controlled by so many kings. Those kings made their kingdoms in various places in Sri Lanka which geographically important. Anuradhapura,Seegiriya,Polonnaruwa are some of them. Beautiful ruins of those kingdoms are available even today.May come and visit beautiful and historic places of Sri Lanka.


Anuradhapura is one of most sacred city in Sri Lanka. The reason for that is there are so many worshipful places are located in that city. Out of those sacred places there are eight places are most important. They are called “Atamasthana”.

1. Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

2. Lovamahapaya

3. Thuparamaya

4. Mirisawetiya

5. Ruwanweliseya

6. Abayagiriya

7. Jethawanaramaya

8. Lankaramaya


Asethu tree has given the shade to Lord Buddha to understand the Nirvan at India. Becourse of that it is been called “Bodhi”. That Bodhi’s southern branch was brought to Sri Lanka by daughter of King Dharma Asoka who was in India. She was Sangamiththa thero. That branch has been cultivated in Anuradhapura. Now it is called Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi.


Lowamahapaya is rich from architecture of Sri Lanka. Great king Dewanampiyathissa has constructed this beautiful place. Its shelter has covered with iron tiles.


Great King Dewanampiyathissa has created this stupa. In 250-210 BC. Its height is 64 feets and compass 194 feets.


This is also one of most important and sacred place in Anuradhapura. Great King Dutugemunu created this stupa also. Its height is 209 feets amd compass 536 feets.


Swarnamali, Mahathupa, Rathnamali are also name used to introduce Ruwanweliseya. Construction of this stupa has begun by Great King Dutugemunu in161-137 BC. How ever he hasn’t unable to complete the construction of this stupa. Later King Saddathissa in 137-119 BC completed all construction. Its height is 350 feets and compass 942 feets.


The Great King Walgamba has created this sacred place and Lankaramaya simultaneously in 89-77 BC. Its height 245 feets.


This is the world biggest stupa. Earlier its height 400 feets and presently it has decrees up to 232 feets. It has created by Great king Mahasen in 276-303 AD.


This is the smallest stupa among the Atamasthana. Its height is 10 feets and 2 inches. In 89-77 BC by King Walagamba this has created.

Other than this places there are so many places to visit at Anuradhapura

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Polonnaruwa is a most attractive beautiful place in Sri Lanka. There are so many places to vicite at Polonnaruwa Galvihare, Nissanka Latha Mandapaya, Demala Maha Seya,Kiriwehera. Parakrama Lake are some of them. Great King Parakramabahu has done most part of this construction. Other than that many kings continued their ruling at Polonnaruwa. Then it became a more beautiful kingdom. Evan today it’s evidence has as ruins.


Sigiriya is rock located in central province in Sri Lanka. It is been surrounded by a beautiful forest sacred places. It has been created by King Kasyapa who’s son King Dathusena. He has made it during the period of 479-497AD. Entrance to the rock has from a lion’s mouth, then it is called Sigiriya. Other than the beautiful surround it has world famous arts of Ladies Drowing (Sigiri Bithusithuwam)


Yapahuwa also a rock located in north western province in Sri Lanka.It is located at edge of the Kurunegala district neer to anuradhapura. It also as Sigiriya surrounded by forest. At the top of the rock visibility of surround is too vast. That is the reason to make the kingdom by King 1st Buwanekabahu at Yapahuwa. It was raised by 1285AD. Evan today it is a beautiful place to visit.


Dambulla Temple also a ancient place in Sri Lanka. Dambulla rock has given the base to this temple. King Devanam Piyathissa has begun the construction of this temple. After ward many kings have improved it. Its main statues have been constructed in a big rocky cave. Inside of the cave there is continues water drop falling in to the vessel. It never stop at the any dry season.